Worthy Words Writing Services

I will write for you!

Sherika V. Washington, Owner


 I gave my life to Christ in June 1997 at Mt. Olive Baptist church where Dorothy L Pearson was pastor.

 I was introduced to God and began to develop a personal relationship with Him at

 Praise and Deliverance Temple Ministries where Apostle Joseph D. McBride is pastor.

 I have continued to grow in God and am now being further prepared for ministry at

Perfecting Faith Church where Dr. Warren D. Robinson is pastor.

It has taken many years and twists and turns to get on the path to my destiny.

 I give thanks to God for His mercy and grace. I give all honor to God for guiding

me into the direction I am going. It is my desire to use my love of writing to encourage

and assist my community and beyond.

 I had the opportunity to work as a contributing editor for IMARA Woman Magazine,

a South Carolina publication with over 1 million subscribers. I am currently an English major at the University of South Carolina in pursuit of ultimately obtaining my Masters in Fine Arts.

I am now offering my writing services to all who have a need or desire to use them. I have been writing for over 20 years and have published one

collection of poetry entitled "Speak Life." I have completed several plays and skits over the years

along with poems of celebration and reflection. I have ghostwritten the projects listed below and am currently working on another project. I am excited to be able to offer my services to you.


"Bruised Soup" ~Stephanie R. Glover-Wilson 

"Dear Future Husband" ~Chauncey L. James

"The Art of a Professional Bulsh*tter"  ~BJ Young